Hive entrance reducers

Hive entrance reducers combine two functions: protect the hive from rodents and prevent loss of bees during transport while providing hive with ventilation. Reducers consist of a fixed part attached to the hive, and a movable part that can be fitted in two positions: open and closed.
Our reducers are made of high quality galvanized steel.
New product: 3-part reducer, length 375mm, with two movable parts, special for closely placed hives.

Hive entrance reducers

Length Height Symbol
165 mm 27 mm ZS-1
200 mm 27 mm ZS-2
250 mm 27 mm ZS-4
300 mm 29 mm ZS-5
345 mm 29 mm ZS-3
375mm with one movable part 29 mm ZS-6
375mm with two movable parts 29 mm ZS-7

We also produce custom-lenght reducers, in range 140 – 375mm


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