Queen excluders

Queen excluder is used to restrict the queen bee in a separate part of the hive, or to separate the honey chambers in the hive from the nest. The distance between excluder’s wires allows worker bees to pass through but not the larger queens and drones.
Wire diameter 1,8mm, column width 8,5mm, thickness of excluder 3,2mm, distance between wires in the excluder is 4,3mm.

We use high quality materials (hot dip galvanized steel DX51D + Z-E in accordance with EN 10346 (00-03-2009) and galvanized wire (electroplated) class C9D from certified EU suppliers.

Our excluders are available not only in Poland, also in Germany, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania.

minimum quantity – 25 pieces

Most often ordered excluders

Type Size
Dadant horizontal 10-frame excluder (Lithuania) 470 x 385 mm
Danant vertical excluder (Lithuania) 447 x 319 mm
horizontal excluder (Sweden, Norway) 390 x 390 mm
horizontal excluder (Sweden) 400 x 400 mm
horizontal excluder (Germany) 395 x 477 mm
horizontal excluder (Estonia) 510 x 425 mm

*) underlined and marked red is the lenght of the wire in excluder
**) on request we can manufacture any excluder in metal round bar

Custom-type excluders

On request we can manufacture:
– any excluder with metal round bar
– excluders in wooden frame
– any custom size of excluder (please provide dimensions and indicate which dimension is the wire lenght in excluder – see photo)
minimum quantity – 25 pieces


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