About Us

We are a family company, producing metal beekeeping equipment such as queen excluders of various sizes, entrance reducers and segments of excluder for hives. We apply well-selected, modern technologies of production, to ensure reliable products of constant parameters and meet demands of our Customers. Apart from our basic products we produce the equipment of non-standard sizes, per request.

For over 40 years have we been cooperating with multiple wholesalers and shops in Poland and Europe, beekeepers' associations and beekeepers directly.

Please familiarize with our products. We are looking forward for cooperation.

Company history

Pietrzak's Locksmith Shop, 1939
Photograph of the founder (Craft Guild, 1939)
The history of our workshop dates back in 1932, when Józef Pietrzak, in partnership with Mr. Erhardt Rühman, started the locksmith's.

In 1946 Mr. Pietrzak became the only owner and continuead the production of beehive equipment.

Since 1988 the workshop production has been continued by his son, Jerzy Pietrzak.

In 2007 Jerzy Pietrzak's daughter, Katarzyna took over the business and decided that the family "tradition" will still last under the name of Pietrzak.
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